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30th December 2013


Around town, late night.Dec 2013, Chicago. 

Around town, late night.
Dec 2013, Chicago. 

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27th December 2013

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Old Water Tower, Magnificent Mile, Chicago. Fall / Winter 2013. 

Old Water Tower, Magnificent Mile, Chicago. 
Fall / Winter 2013. 

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27th December 2013


Been a while.. Around the City in Black and White. Fall/Winter 2013. 

Been a while.. 
Around the City in Black and White. Fall/Winter 2013. 

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29th June 2013


The Aquarium at Baltimore.
I would so go there many times to be around the dolphins.
Din’t like the cages though. 

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23rd June 2013

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evening light
summer 2013

evening light

summer 2013

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15th June 2013

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up in the air.

up in the air.

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